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Abandoned Street Dog: (True Story of Ruby)!

Prologue -: This story has been dedicated to all the abandoned street dogs, which help human in some or other way in their lifespan but rarely get adopted.

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On a lonely lane of a residential colony, a bright black coloured female dog was sitting and shivering.

A lady (Mrs. Baweja) in a blue salwar kameez was passing by with his two children. His little kid Monu pointed his finger towards the dog and said in his stuttering voice “Mom the dog is shivering”.

Mrs. Baweja replied, “Yes baby, it looks like Mr. Rathi’s dog Ruby, they don’t take care of her anymore”.

Monu again inquired in his stuttering voice. “Why mama?”

Mrs. Baweja replied again -: Might she has been not keeping well and they do not want to spend in her treatment. Thus, they have left her abandoned on the road.

Sonu, the elder son of Mrs.  Baweja replied this time -: We will take care of her.

Mrs. Baweja agreed to Sonu with a condition that they will keep Ruby only for few days, till the time she will not be well. As they have not enough space in their home to keep the dog.

Sonu and Monu agreed to Mom with little unhappiness. But, they were still happy that at least for few days they will have a dog at home.

Thus, they brought her home.

They fed her with milk and chapatis. Next day Sonu and Monu with their father took the dog to the hospital. The doctor told them Ruby is pregnant and suffering from a kind of minor infection. The doctor suggested a course of injections for a week after that she will be fine.

Mr. Baweja and family decided to give the treatment to the dog. After about a week, Ruby recovered and again became an active lively black dog. Kids were enjoying her company and didn’t want to lose the new member of the family. But, Mrs. Baweja was strict about the fact that they can’t keep a dog.

Ruby was again left alone on the road. She was again an abandoned street dog. But, still Baweja family used to take care of her food. And, kids used to spend some of their play time with her.

About two months passed Ruby, the abandoned street dog gave birth to four kids.

Out of which one died immediately after birth. Two were taken away by some strangers, One brown and beautiful puppy was adopted by Mrs. Baweja’s neighbor.

A month more passed and one night about 2 a.m., Mrs. Baweja heard Ruby barking continuously and in between crying. Mrs. Baweja thought to avoid initially then she couldn’t resist and checked from her window. What she saw shook her badly.

Two men with really sharp knives and a gun were trying to enter into their boundary and Ruby was trying to stop them and as Ruby was constantly behind them they had beaten Ruby to get rid of her. As she could see wounds on Ruby’s body.  Mrs. Baweja went to Mr. Baweja and Mr. Baweja called the police as soon as he got to know. Both the thieves got arrested and confessed they came to steal in two houses, one which is at the entry of colony and a yellow color house near to it. As per thieves, their windows were easily assessable to enter.

Which was an extreme coincidence as the two houses they mentioned were Mr. Baweja’s and Ruby’s real owner, Mr. Rathi. That night Ruby saved two of their masters. Later died of major wounds, which were given to her by the thieves.

Left Mr. Baweja and Mr. Rathi’s family in regret and guilt. The abandoned street dog saved two families.
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