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A Death (True Story of medical negligence!)

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True Story of medical negligence!

A person usually enters in a hospital with either a family member or a friend.

This picture has changed drastically in present scenario. Where increasing number of singles stays away from the families mainly because of studies and work.

Thus, the trend of entering in a hospital alone without the company of any well wisher is a new change.

At imes its consequences could be disastrous, if the fact a patient is a patient being avoided.

Such a tragic incident recently happened, when a 32 year old news anchor, rushed to a known hospital in Noida, after feeling pain in his chest.

It was not rarest of rare case, but certainly the rare as he was a heart patient.

He had a heart attack before as well.

As he was staying alone in Noida, thus after feeling pain in his chest he rushed to the hospital seeking medical help.

But from those he was seeking help; those Doctors/nurses/hospital staff sent him to a medical store. Which was within the campus to buy the medicines/injections, without realising/analysing that he is a serious heart patient.

The next thing which world got to know and became a news that, “A 32 year old news anchor died because of heart attack at the medical store of a known hospital’s campus”.

Further a newspaper reported, that the hospital gave a statement “that they diagnosed him and in initial diagnosis, at times heart attack is difficult to diagnose”.

which seems a very callous statement and the whole incident raise certain questions.

  • If the proper medical check up of the patient was done???
  • If his medical history was asked?? If not then why not??
  • If he was alone, why he was sent to buy his own medicines/injections, why there was not an attendant or any other concerned from the hospital staff to help the patient in that situation???
  • If the hospital considers patients only an object or they try to understand and really help them as well???

Putting my pen down here with these questions, for readers to think and put forward their views.

Disclaimer-: This true story of medical negligence has been exactly reported from a true incident in Noida, India.

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