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Let’s know about the Blogger.

True Stories from New Generation towns!

Hey friends! this is Shipra a learner by nature and a true story writer & a blogger by hobby.


Let’s have a journey together to the new generation Indian towns and the cities and towns across the world through the true stories embedded in our Non Fiction series.

You can read our Fictional story eBooks on Amazon. Via Red Light Area to Love is our first book.

Story writing is an art and true story writing is an art with responsibility.

The responsibility is to narrate a story, narrating or mentioning the real life incidences and to give a clear message, without hurting the privacy of real characters in any ways.


There is a story everywhere when you walk down to a street, when you are standing at a paan shop or sitting in a café. Either it’s Delhi metro or local trains of Mumbai, Connaught place in Delhi, Gangaghat in Varanasi or Bhopal lake in Bhopal. Either it’s Fort Washington Park or Times Square in New York.


Every true story can either bring a smile or a lesson for us or just left us with some thought.


At times a story narrates a certain serious social issue, based on certain real life instances, at times it just gives us a reason to smile. This short stories/story website will give you real time stories to read and to feel for. The idea is to provide you a movable short story platform, which is just one click away! The attempt is to leave you either with a feel or a thought, in the moments depicted.


For all those who look for true stories online, short stories online or those who read online, is a sincere effort.


It is a free platform to read true stories. You can also explore e reading stuff available with other websites, with our exclusive e reviews in our E read category.


I would also listen to your true story and will put it in words to share it with the world. Do write to me on, if you wish to share your true story with the world.