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Arrange marriage vs Choices of Today’s Women!

Prologue-: A  true story defining Arrange marriage vs Choices of Today’s Women rather today’s independent women. The month was either January or February 2018. I received a call from somebody known,...

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My Innocent Friend (True Story of Harsh Reality of Life) Part-II

    Prologue-: This story is the second and final part of My Innocent Friend Series. This narrates the “true story of  harsh reality of life”. Which Anamika went through...

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My Innocent Friend (Heart Touching True-Life Story!)

  This is a true life story of my very innocent small-town friend. For her, life was not more than studies and her two younger brothers and a younger sister....

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Life is a roller coaster ride(A True Story)

    We all have heard and realized many times that life is a roller coaster ride. Those curve balls and sudden jerks of life, when at one moment we...

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Abandoned Street Dog: (True Story of Ruby)!

Prologue -: This story has been dedicated to all the abandoned street dogs, which help human in some or other way in their lifespan but rarely get adopted. On a...

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