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Single life (The Straightforward True Story!)

In the final straightforward chapter of this Single Life True Story, Lets have the clarity about the hypocrite measures circling around the single lives of Indian Society. Let’s sneak into...

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Single Life (True Story of Struggle & Triumph)!

Noida, one of the most flourishing city in U.P India. A place, in Delhi NCR region, where most of the young talented Indian guys and gals come and stay to...

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Life Sentence (True Story of Hope)!

Life Sentence is a true story of a book café located in queen of hills Shimla, India, where life sentence prisoners serve in the Cafeteria and take care of the...

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Hide and Seek (True Story of little girl and Sparrow)

In a small town, in the heart of India, a little girl about 9 years old was playing in a small garden of her house. Which was her favorite pass...

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Random Acts of Kindness (Short Stories) I

Prologue -: In life at times, we meet people as acquaintance or we notice people around us, whose random acts of kindness put long-lasting impact on us. Presenting first short story...

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