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Grandma Stories (True Story narrated on Christmas Eve)!

  Sister Lincy was one of those nun teachers, to whom you found to be most loved and lovable around. Who tries to be strict at times. But, being very...

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Grandma Stories (True Story of Soul concern)!

Years back, my 70 year’s old loved grandma was comfortably sitting on her chair. She was holding a cup of tea. Me 10 years old was sitting in front of...

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Street Vendor (A Diwali festival True Story)!

  Street Vendor is a true story of a street vendor. who has been juggling between the politics of local authorities and rich restaurant and shop owners. In India this...

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Turning Point (True Story of a Real Life Hero) Part-II

  At times, time tests you the fullest. That was happening with our real-life hero. Mridul was given continuous night shifts. Which had been giving health issues to Mridul. Slowly...

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Modern Ravana (Hypothetical Characters Depicting True Story)!

Yesterday we happily burnt ages-old Ravana and cherished the win of good over evil! But, forgot to address the Ravana which slowly and steadily enters in our Lives. Let’s know...

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