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Life Sentence (True Story of Hope)!

Life Sentence is a true story of a book café located in queen of hills Shimla, India, where life sentence prisoners serve in the Cafeteria and take care of the...

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Hide and Seek (True Story of little girl and Sparrow)

In a small town, in the heart of India, a little girl about 9 years old was playing in a small garden of her house. Which was her favorite pass...

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Random Acts of Kindness (Short Stories) I

Prologue -: In life at times, we meet people as acquaintance or we notice people around us, whose random acts of kindness put long-lasting impact on us. Presenting first short story...

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Supernatural(True Story of Happy Endings!)

True Love Story of Nitika further (A happy endings tale) -: Not only the nights but her days also became difficult and scary. Nitika used to had visions earlier but...

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Supernatural: True love story of Blessing in Disguise!

  Prologue: This story is based on a true love story of an Indian girl, who went through pain and rejections but finally found true love! Nitika came to that...

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