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The Skype Call! (Based on a True Story) Part – I

Around two to three months back, on a cosy evening after work, around 10:00 p.m.; I was on a Skype video call or Skype Call with my family, after long.

Me, who has been staying and working in Gurugram and my family being 80 to 90 kilometres away, in a city in central India, was having a good time, while looking and talking to each other. As usual my brother was pulling my leg, after we shared silly jokes, on random topics related to friends, marriage etc. My father was defending me and he sarcastically warned my brother, ‘don’t say anything to my daughter’ and whole family had a laugh.

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Suddenly! there was a strong knock on the main door, which I could hear being on the other side of the screen along with the sounds of some hustle bustle outside my home, as people gathered.

The next moment, my mother told my father: ‘Go and check, I think something has happened’, one could clearly sense the stress in her tone. My father rushed towards the main door. And after a pause……. I asked what happened? …no reply came from my brother and my mother.

The next scared and bit loud sound I heard was of my neighbour aunt, who was knocking at the door. As my father opened the door, she almost screamed “Sharma ji’s daughter hanged herself, she is dead, Riya is dead”.

The next moment my brother came near to the laptop screen and told me, will talk to you later and he disconnected the skype call.

The screaming sound of Aunt, left me restless and took me to some memories, in which I had a conversation about Riya -:

Around two years back on a vacation to my hometown, Rewa, a small city, famous for lime stone in central India. (Further details about Rewa you can find on,_Madhya_Pradesh).

I was taking a morning walk on my home’s serene roof. After taking few rounds of walk, I was standing, holding the railing, my eyes were exactly on the roof of the house in front and I was trying to feel the morning breeze.

My eyes were keenly noticing the stuff on that roof, hanging clothes, jars of prickles, some chairs and then shifted to a tall, thin and fair girl. who just turned up on the roof with her skipping rope, she looked at me and passed a smile. I smiled back and she got busy skipping. By, the time I was trying to recall her and her name. After giving a little blow to my memory, I realized that she is Riya and it has been long I have not seen her and as she has gained height, my memory took some time to recall. On the same day, on the breakfast table, while sharing some light moments with my mother, I asked about Riya to her.

Me to my mom -: I have seen Riya, while having the walk in the morning. What she is doing nowadays?

Mom to me -: She is studying in college now. She is very good in her studies and pursuing her engineering. She and her elder sister both are good in their studies but her younger brother comparatively less, my mother added from her end. Well, after sharing few breakfast table gossips with my mother, I got busy surfing some good music and movie for myself and my mom got busy with her household work.

This memory was not enough to end my restlessness, as my mind had lots of whys about the incident, which needed to be answered. I got all the replies on the very next day, after a telephonic conversation with my mother. The further story as she explained to me -:

Riya’s marriage got fixed few days back with a guy named Rishab, to whom she had been dating. They both recently completed their engineering. And, Riya had been preparing for her Public Service Commission exams, as she aspired to be in government services.
Their families happily accepted their wish to get married with each other. (Till this moment, I was not getting, if everything was fine, what went wrong?)

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