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The Skype Call! (Based on a True Story) Final Chapter!


Suicide Story, True Story, True Stories, Short Story, Short Stories, short stories for teenagersTrue Story of Riya ahead !

Bariksha, a pre-wedding ceremony equivalent to engagement, performed few days back in which members from bride’s side visit the Groom’s home with some gifts and auspicious things (like Coconut), depending on their financial and social status.

Everything was going happy and flawless till this moment. But, as the reality of one moment can get change the very next moment. The disagreement within the families started after the first pre – wedding ceremony.

As soon as demand of a big car and a hefty amount came into the picture, from Rishab’s influential family, a family with good political links, his father being a high rank officer in police.

The devil entered in the paradise!, as soon as Rishab called Riya and stated the demands of his family to be filled in next pre – wedding ceremony. Not only Rishab but his greedy relatives started calling and giving her verbal torture.

The clear message was from them “Either full fill the demands or forget this nuptial engagement”.

Riya and his family stood strong against these demands; they refused to full fill the demands and as the threat was given, this marriage dream came to an end!

Riya was broken initially, but then she collected the pieces and got busy with her preparations of PSC exams.

But the irony had to happen, just before the day of her Public Service Commission exam. Her family members, her father, mother and her younger brother (her elder sister being married doesn’t stay with them), went to attend a family wedding.

Riya was alone at home, busy with her preparations before the exam. Suddenly in the evening her phone rang, Rishab’s number was blinking on the screen, she hesitantly picked the call. She was hesitant because she earlier received the torturous call from him and his relative’s.

Post that phone call -: The only next thing her family and the world knows is she hanged herself with the ceiling fan, leaving behind a five-pager suicide note (which mentioned the kind of threats she had been receiving from Rishab and his family to ruin her and her family) and a grieved family. (When her family came back late in the evening after attending the wedding, she was found dead and the last call she received was of Rishab.)

Her suicide note clearly stated one more thing again and again that “Riya want justice” (Riya and her soul want justice).

And, the whole family of the groom, got arrested by the time this story was written. Now, the justice is in the hands of Indian Judiciary!

Reverse psychology -: Let’s try to hypothesize the reverse situation; which could be possible, if Riya could had turned out more practical, smarter and stronger in her approach -:

  • What if, Riya had recorded the demands and threats, she was receiving and had taken a bold step of lodging a complaint, against an influential family?
  • What if, Riya could had been brought up in a scenario, where fairy tale marriage dreams, were not shown to her from childhood, rather a practical approach, of being self-dependent and mature, were given a first preference. Thus, she should have attained the maturity to judge a guy or to face any extreme situation of life, before being in any nuptial arrangement.
  • What if, she was grown up in a society, where marriage is not the matter of respect and embarrassment, rather a personal institution, for two mature and compatible people?

We all know the reply! Leaving you here with the above questions.

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P.S: The names of the characters have been changed to maintain the privacy.