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Madhubani (An Unconventional Journey to move beyond rules!)

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Madhuban/Madhubani Bihar, a place known for traditional Mithilla Paintings or Madhubani Paintings.

A 4’10 inches tall, thin, squared face, whitish complexion girl in her early thirties with really sharp features and a sharper brain with zest to have full command over her life decisions, was sitting on a swinging rope, in a small garden of her house. She was giving deep thought to her family dynamics, which she had been observing around her.

Her soul whispered to her -: Pitaji (Father), being a professor and a supporter of progressive thought process, always support me and my dream to work and to follow a profession but whenever the question comes of certain major issues like leaving home for a completely self-dependent life in a city where I can have more career prospects and freedom to take my decisions completely by myself. He always favors the traditional thought process of maa (mother) and other family members. And, even after being efficient and working as a junior media professional in a newspaper in Madhubani Bihar. I am struggling to have full control of my life and my decisions. My family is just not convinced with the idea that I can handle my life completely by my own. “I need my wings”.

Having all those thoughts in her mind, she gave a call to her elder brother, who used to stay in Delhi with his wife and a daughter, he was also a media professional; She knew that he is the person with most progressive thought process not only in the family but among all she knows. She shared all her wish and concerns with him. She insisted that she need a chance to live her life on her own terms; she does not want the traditional direction to her life-like other female members of the family. She has her own thought process, she has her own perspective on everything and she wants to live in her own way.

After giving an ear to her patiently, her brother cracked a joke. “Ramanuj, the astrologer was right! On your naming ceremony, in which you were named Madhubani (in the name of famous Madhubani paintings). After analyzing your horoscope, he predicted about you that ‘She will be unconventional and revolutionary’”.

This is probably the reason, you always being firm in your decisions and have not agreed to get married yet. Then he had spread a tint of laughter by saying “Although maa (mother) got extremely concerned after the prediction, as she thought, you would fight for the sake of society or country, using weapons”. But now I can understand, what he (the astrologer) meant. Before disconnecting, he said the final words, “Come to Delhi, I would convince the family”.

Delhi, a city of dreams for all those who belong to non – metro cities and small towns, a place for seeking best employment and life opportunities in India.

Her brother convinced their parents, especially father, to give her a chance to fulfill her life aspirations in Delhi and he assured him that he will take care of her. After the intervention of her brother, she got the green signal from her family, to move to Delhi.

A maximum percentage of society in small Indian towns and cities still cannot relate to the fact that “an individual (either a guy or a girl) wants to sustain, live and explore life away from the family, living a complete self-dependent and unfettered life”, it’s bit far unacceptable for a lady or a girl.

Thus, it called for to develop bit hard skin for Madhubani as even after saying yes to her elder brother, the family members in Madhuban was not very happy with the decision. And this came as a very bold step for them and a big turning point for Madhubani.

Finally, In August 2008, she took a train from Patna to Delhi. And, the unconventional journey started of an unconventional Indian girl.

After landing in Delhi, Madhubani initially started staying with his brother’s family and got her first job as a junior reporter in a weekly newspaper.

From the very first day in the office, her unconventional journey started taking challenging turns. Her first challenge was standing in front of her as a difficult boss, who did not like her from the very first day as Madhubani appointed by his senior, on the grounds of her merits and his favorite candidate didn’t.

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