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Madhubani (True Story of Red Light Area Visit!) Part – II !

No matter how harsh the storm is, the strong trees still stand, that’s how the professional journey of Madhubani started moving in Delhi. She had to surpass all the tests, which were plotted to put her in a difficult situation. She was always given a task ahead of her experience and designation.

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Which she smartly passed one after the other because of her hardworking nature, strong knowledge of world affairs and Literature, never giving up attitude and continuous guidance of her elder brother. Covering the Delhi political beat, AIIMS Health beat and covering the prestigious official ceremony, where Mrs. Pratibha Patil, former President of India was invited as a guest of Honour, were few of the milestones.

Every duty was assigned to her as a task she would not able to perform, every duty she performed as a challenge and proved she can! Soon, among her colleagues and in the media circle, she got the reputation of a very hardworking and focused media professional. The challenges she surpassed successfully one after the other, gave her inspiration and strength to take bigger challenges.

One day in the office, when her five members team, two guys Nishit and Mudit, three girls Neeti, Ruhi, and Madhubani was chilling out in a tea break, in the cafeteria their boss entered and he broke a news to the team members, that “Government announced a Voter I.D scheme for people staying in red light area of Delhi. But, there are some issues related to it, which needs to be investigated. And, a detailed article needed to be written”.

At the very next moment, He asked, who will take the responsibility?

In the reaction, everybody just stared the boss.

He again said -: Who would like to cover this story?

Madhubani replied -: I want to do this story.

Boss -: Are you sure? (with a surprising glare).

Madhubani (Hesitantly this time) -: Yeees…. but I will take Nishit along.

Boss said -: OK, but Visit tomorrow itself!

The journey to the red light area started with a little research work. And the research suggested, nobody can easily enter in that area for a coverage, without the help of NGO’s, which have been active in these areas. Thus, a member of NGO of red light area was contacted by Nishit and Madhubani.

It did not take much time to Madhubani and Nishit to convince him and the journey started very next day, as boss suggested. The NGO member, a middle-aged man, took them along in a white Van. Madhubani and Nishit like every common Indian had a picture in their mind, of a spacious, well-decorated place and beautiful females, in best of clothes and makeup.

During there about 45 minutes’ journey to the Red Light Area they both were visualizing famous Bollywood movies, circled around people staying in red light areas and which all are colorful. Suddenly, the Van stopped and the NGO member told them, from here we have to walk down. They both came out of Van, along with the NGO member.

And, their shocked eyes could see only barren land, with just one or two shops, at a far place, which was not very clearly visible, due to the distance. They all started walking in the forward direction, after around 20 minutes of walk.

They could see two floors building, which urgently needed the renovation, with no boundary wall and no clear entry visible. This view gave the first goosebump to Madhubani. She knew that condition would not be as glamorize as shown in the movies, but she was not expecting this worse! Well, after taking a deep breath, Nishit and Madhubani started following the NGO member, as he was showing them how to enter the building.

The next scene which was visible to them was -: There were eight to ten stairs which were going upwards. They started moving upwards, along with the stairs, after crossing these stairs there was an entry to the room, with a huge gap in between the stairs and the room i.e. if anybody had to enter the room, that person had to almost jump from the tenth stair to the room. That’s what they all did and entered the room.

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