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Madhubani (True Story of Dare) Final Chapter !

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Madhubani True Story of Dare & Red Light Area Visit moved ahead as soon as they entered the room!

As soon as they entered, their eyes could see the females and kids in the most miserable condition, they had never seen before.

This gave shivering to Madhubani and continuous goosebumps she had been getting as the story was unfolding.

Madhubani started talking one of the female sitting on the floor, in the open area in front of the room they entered.

Reeta, a middle-aged woman and a mother of a 5-year-old girl.

Madhubani explained to her that she is from media and would like to know her take on Voter I.d scheme, which government has just announced.

Through which people in the red-light area could get equal status to other people of society.

The next moment Reeta started explaining her story, she said following few important things -:

  • Our condition is bad.
  • No proper clothes to wear, no proper food to eat, nobody gives admission to our kids in the school.
  • We are badly stuck between middleman and influential people of the society.
  • We are hoping if we will have Voter Id cards, so life will be a bit easy for us and our kids. But, we doubt this will be done.

Madhubani patiently heard her painful story along with Nishit and gave her assurance, she will try to do something for them.

After giving her assurance, all three of them, Nishit, Madhubani and the NGO member, started moving towards the stairs, nearby to the open area, which took them to the Center Stage room.

The most glamorize room in the movies, but there was no glamour. Room was very much small, that hardly 15 to 20 people can sit on the floor. There were plastic flowers decorated on the wall, with few artificial colorful lights.

Well, this red light area journey ended with three glasses of Rasna, which were offered to them by Reeta. And, with a hope that something could be done about their miserable lives.

Madhubani fulfilled her promise, she explained their condition as well as their fear that nothing could be done in her article.

Her article got the recognition but this issue didn’t!

By the time this story was written, Madhubani got married to her perfect match and the love of her life, to whom she met later in her office. She is living a happy afterlife with him!

This love story would share with you all anytime later!

Till the time keep reading, keep thinking, keep sharing your feedback.

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(This story is of my very good friend, thanks to her for sharing her journey with us!)

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