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Be Happy: The IIT Girl (Part I) True Story of searching happiness !

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  A lesson of happiness!

Delhi, capital city of India, March 2017, after being stuck in the traffic in my cab, for about an hour, finally landed to the railway station quarter to 9.

And started rushing to the platform number 2, after reading on the big display board in front that my train is going to depart from platform number 2 in five minutes. While that running exercise towards platform, the policemen on security duty shouted, madam ‘checking’ “luggage checking”, I shouted in reply “my train is departing”.

Policemen again -: oh madam! Checking!

Me again -: My train is departing!

Policeman gave up and replied -: oh…OK…! take the escalators from the left, don’t take the stairs.

That’s how I breached the security and boarded my train to my hometown from Delhi.

That was not the end of this exciting and awakening journey. This, was just the beginning.

As every Indian must be aware that three tier a.c compartments of Indian trains have six middle births, three on each side facing each other. If a person stands in the middle, three on left side and three on right side. I got the upper birth of left side. And after having exciting yet hectic start, I decided to take my sheets from the attendant and sleep. Thus, after settling down around 9:45 p.m., I fall asleep.

As it was a train journey, so it was not a sound sleep, as the train had been moving with multiple station halts, number of passengers in the train were increasing. During every halt, some chaos was going on the foot of the train.

yet, I was enjoying 80 percent sound sleep, with some noises and interruption.

Then slowly the seats below my birth also started filling, in my half sleep state I was aware that few people came and have taken seats.

And, as the seats below me had filled, the frequency of voices around me raised. I was continuously hearing the chatter, which was going on at the lower berth. The interrupted chatter rather as my sleep was not allowing to hear the conversation completely.

I could understand from the chatter that there is a married couple and both have been pulling each other’s leg and continuously cracking jokes, and with them there were few more family members or male friends. The communication between the couple and the family members was continuously going on with loads of laughter in between.

Might my half sleep be not finding the communication very exciting, thus I slipped into the deep sleep. And, came back to my half sleep state again, only after the next halt of the train as suddenly the loads of laughter got increased among the family members as they started communicating with a girl, who boarded the train at the last station.

They took the initial introduction from the girl. The first question what’s your name?

She replied -: Jia, in her very confident pitch.

Next Question -: What you do?

She replied -: Again, very confidently, in a pitch bit higher than normal “I am doing my PG in electrical engineering from IIT Delhi”.

Next question came from Jia -: Is T.T came to check the tickets?

They replied -: No, He hasn’t, might he will come by 11:00 p.m.

Jia -: ok, God knows what will happen, my ticket yet not confirmed. I want to talk to T.T, I hope he will manage something.

People in the group might realize that she was bit stressed, they started communicating with her on random topics.

Movies, music and all and she replied about everything very confidently, with a big laugh after every two to three sentences.

My ears were continuously listening the interesting chatter and my mind was continuously focusing on the confident answers and a big laugh after every two or three sentences. And, I was realizing, wow! How happy and outspoken she is as a person. (And what could be the reason behind her happiness.)

After long time, I heard somebody with real confidence and real laughter, nothing was pseudo in her behavior.

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