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Happiness: The IIT Girl (Part II)

 Happiness is taking your decision and living it passionately ! 

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After facing a lots of pseudo – real corporate faces, when you meet somebody real and vibrant, so it has its long-lasting impact on you, that was the impact of Jia on me, which inspired me to write this real story.

As the journey proceeded their communication became friendlier and after some time their chatter shifted to food from movies as the couple and their friends were hit by hunger pangs.

They had number of Indian delicacies packed with them poori sabji (main course), gulab jamun (sweet dish), they took out their tiffin’s and before having it, offered it to Jia.

Further communication in this inspirational story about finding happiness, find below-:

Couple & the friends to Jia -: Come Jia have dinner with us!

Jia straightforwardly replied No.

They again insisted -: Have dinner, the food is very tasty.

Jia replied -: No, I don’t eat anything after 6 p.m.

They all inquired -: Why health conscious?

Jia replied -: Not only that.

They again inquired -: Why, r u a Jain? (a religion in which followers, usually doesn’t eat after sunset.)

Jia replied -: Yes, and I am a strict follower. So, I eat only home cooked food and do not eat anything after 6 p.m.

Couple & friends insisted -: Sometimes you can break the rules!

Jia -: No.

The couple & their friends got busy eating food but in between they asked few other things to Jia like, Is she only follow all the Jain customs strictly or other family members as well?

Jia replied might Yes! (As I was still in my half sleep phase).

As soon as they finished their dinner, they all started playing antakshari.

Antakshari is a famous Indian play, people play in the group, in which other player has to sing a song beginning with, the alphabet with which last player ended his or her song.

It was bit late to play antakshari on a normal occasion.

But, when everybody was going to celebrate the Holi festival (an Indian festival people play with colours), their over enthusiastic mood allowed them to do so.

The new and old hindi Bollywood songs were sung, one after the other.

Which somewhere started irritating me. because I was in half sleep and was just not ready to hear hindi Bollywood numbers with all the wrong tunes, around 11 p.m. in the night!

But undoubtedly, they all were enjoying and on every second line of a song they started pulling each other’s leg, by analysing that this line of a song is suiting which player of the group and this match of line was generally followed by a huge round of laughter.

Jia was also having great fun.

After few songs, a hindi number came, I do not remember the lyrics but it was related to the description of a groom, then they all pointed the finger towards Jia and said, this kind of groom will suit Jia; followed by laughter.

Jia firmly said -: No.

They all asked in bit excited tone -: Do not be shy, tell us which kind of groom, do you want? Tell us.

Jia got bit irritated and replied -: Really not of any kind, do not ask again and again.

The guy from the married couple -: Why you do not want to get married? (He pulled her leg.)

Jia -: No (Bit loud).

The guy from the married couple -: Why?

By this time, Jia got really irritated and replied in a bit loud tone again -: Because I am a celibate, I have taken the oath of celibacy.

Suddenly she realized she is getting loud thus she controlled herself and repeated the same sentence in bit normal tone this time – I have taken the Oath of Celibacy.

This statement made everybody stun and for few seconds there was complete silence.  This sentence had taken away my sleep completely as well and my eyes got wide open to have a look of Jia. I couldn’t resist and peeked towards the floor, to have a look of Jia.

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