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Happiness: The IIT Girl (Part – III) Only you can decide where your happiness lies!

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I peeked downwards to see Jia. And there she was, a very fair and confident girl. A vibrant face with big black eyes and the perfect curves. Jia was wearing a very simple salwar kameez, a traditional Indian attire, almost no makeup was visible on her face and she did not need any, her aura was special.

The train was about to reach Allahabad and Jia was busy answering:

After the disclosure of the fact that she had taken the oath of celibacy, a lot of questions were coming to Jia from the antakshari players of the group. Thus, her life story got disclosed. “Jia and her parents have been staying in Allahabad, a city famous for the meeting of three famous Indian rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. (Further details about Allahabad India, you can find on ).

Jia is elder among the siblings, as she has one younger sister. Her family is very traditional Jain family. Jia’s mother’s does not keep well, reason being unknown. Jia took the decision of being a celibate life long and took the proper oath, as per the Jain religion.

Jia took this oath, when she was just 19 years of old. The reasons, mentioned by the Jia for taking the oath of celibacy were -:

  • Being the elder daughter she wants to take care of her parents always and want to be with them, till they are alive.

  • She wants to live a very simple life in far future as all the Jain nuns live.

The most appreciable point in her story was, her parents being the traditional Indian parents, accepted her wish to choose an unconventional way.

And I was wondering how she is going to tackle the people around.

she is one of the most intelligent and confident girl I came across, she has been pursuing her Post Graduation studies from IIT, Delhi, India. And earning a reasonable amount for her research. Thus, she is successful in whatever she has been doing.

She looks stunning. Thus, among the very traditional Indian people, where marriage is the ultimate motto of a person’s life, especially in case of a female, her journey is not going to be easy. She will have to face a lot of questions as she just faced now.

But, her persona remarkably proved that two ways of finding happiness could be -: