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Looking for short stories for Kids, few of the best e story kid’s websites!

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Kids gen is not only a website, it’s an e book for children and the credit for this e book look goes to the theme or colour, font and the pictures used in the website. You can not only read the short stories for kids in this website, you can also watch video stories.

There is one proper section of video fairy tales. Thus, if you are looking for immense collection of kid’s stories with beautiful pictures and videos, this website is the perfect platform. In short, this is a beautiful e story book for children.


This is one of the oldest website with huge collection of kid’s stories. It has fiction and Non – Fiction pages for Kid’s stories.

In addition, there are Science, Quizzes and Fun stuff section, all which are extremely informative and knowledge enhancing for kids. These sections are very informative and well-crafted piece of writing. The beautiful, well suited pictures and cartoons are addon to its presentation.


If you want your kid’s to read ancient Indian collection of fables, with its small and useful lessons and moral value. Thus, this is the platform. The stories are well presented with the pictures.


This multilingual website has a lot to offer. It has narrative stories with pictures. You can also find animated stories and audio stories for kid’s. There is a special section of tale teaching, which mainly teaches about story writing skills.

The biggest add on of this website is that it is multilingual you can read and listen to stories not only in English but in other languages like Latino, Spanish etc. Also, you have an advantage of downloading the stories.


This is not only a story reading platform, it is a French learning platform as well. A kid can read stories in English or French with audio version giving translation in French.

Thus, it is a great platform to learn French in an interesting way.