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Supernatural Stories:(True Story of a blessing in disguise) Part -I !

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This supernatural stories series is based on a true story of a new generation middle class Indian girl.

who accidentally experienced the supernatural powers around her, after the death of her grandfather, which had put her life into rocks then into blessing in disguise.

The girl next door Blessing in Disguise Story (supernatural stories) -:

Year 1987, the elder daughter of a middle class Indian family was born in Gwalior, India, (a city famous for historical places like Gwalior fort and Scindia palace, for further details about Gwalior click

This sleek, fair girl was named Nitika. Nitika was special for her parents as their first child but was very special for grandfather as his first grand-daughter. She grown up into a sweet, bubbly and a curious 4 years old girl, she started studying in a school in Gwalior. Her parents had to leave to stay in Indore, India because of their jobs. But, Nitika was very dear to her grandfather and so the Nitika’s grandfather was dear to her. The grandpa used to take care of little one all the time that he started understanding every little expression of the little angel.

She did not want to leave him as grandpa had taken the place of her mother and her best buddy.

Thus, Nitika stayed with her grandfather in Gwalior, India and her parents started staying in Indore, India. Years passed and the bonding between the grandfather and granddaughter grew as she grew. Nitika had grown up into a 10-years-old thin fair girl, with her bunch of denticle bit more outward than normal and a pointed nose. Her teeth started becoming an object of fun and a reason to be bullied by her friends and school mates. But, she has been forever angel of  her grandfather.

Some more time passed and her grandfather started keeping unwell. And, Nitika became caring mother of her grandfather. But, the health of grandpa was degrading day by day. Once Nitika was sleeping aside her grandpa and she went into the dream world, as the sleep grew deeper.

In the dream, “she felt light, a lot of light, she also felt the presence of two people, then she suddenly noticed these two people are taking along his grandfather, towards the light. She tried to stop them by holding and then snatching their hand and in this snatching, she got the slight bruise in her left hand. At this moment, the clock clicked 10:00 a.m.” Suddenly the dream broke and Nitika noticed, the actual time in the clock is 4:00 a.m. She checked her grandpa, he was breathing fine and then she noticed, her left hand and the bruise was there, which shook her badly!

This, supernatural incident had changed her life and her supernatural story started.
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