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Supernatural Stories: (Real Story of Blessing in disguise) Part -II

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The supernatural story series is based on the real story of Nitika (name changed), who became a tarot card reader, after going through series of paranormal incidents.

The supernatural incident, which left a bruise on Nitika’s left hand, had given constant fear to Nitika. Fear to lose her most precious possession her grandfather. Who was the centre of her life. Nitika became extremely careful about his diet, medicines and food. Grandpa never used to forget to take care his little angel, even in his bad health condition. Thus, bond between grandfather and Nitika was getting stronger and grandpa’s health weaker. And, exactly after a week Nitika had seen that paranormal dream. The exact time came, when the paranormal dream became a reality.

True Paranormal story (the real story) proceeded forward-:

On that unfortunate day, around 4 a.m. grandpa called Nitika and asked for water (As Nitika was sleeping in her room). Which Nitika served him. She did not understand why but grandpa said, “take care of yourself always” and went to sleep.

Nitika with a sigh of relief came to her room and went to sleep as grandpa was much more in his senses than previous days. Nitika used to usually wake up around 7 or 8 a.m. and first thing she used to do after she got up from the bed to check his grandpa; but that day she kept sleeping till late and again in the deep sleep, she had seen a lot of light and felt the presence of two people. She got shivered in the dream, suddenly her dream broke, she rushed towards her grandpa’s room, as soon as she entered, the clock clicked 10:00 a.m., she felt the presence of two people in the room, who were taking away the light from grandpa!

She screamed and she screamed really loud! And before she could do anything, she fainted. The next thing she remember was that she woke up in the hospital. With her parents, around.

They told her, everything is all right, she got fainted, after seeing a bad dream. She asked about her grandpa and she was told he is fine.

Stay tuned to to read the next part of this true paranormal stories series.
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