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Supernatural Stories: True Story depicts every Imagination can be a reality! (Part – III)

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Prologue: Life can be much ahead our everyday hustle bustle. Ramayan (a mythological Indian epic whatever we can imagine happen and present in this planet. That’s what happened in Nitika’s paranormal story, life had taken away her most precious possession and gifted her with a supernatural power, her extended sixth sense to see what we can’t see.

Nitika’s True Story ahead -:

Nitika was taken back home, the emptiness in her house of Gwalior, made her realize that her dream was not only a dream; it was a reality that she had seen the death of her grandfather. The, small child of 10 or 11 years old was going through the biggest trauma of her life. She told her parents about the vision she had, but they thought it was just her illusion. She was taken to Indore, India, with her parents. And her parents started making all the possible efforts, so that she would able to come out of this loss. And can get back to normal life, but that just the beginning of her beyond imagination journey.

Slowly, Nitika became normal and got busy with her school life and friends. Life was back on track after a year and  half . Nitika turned into a tall, sleek teenager girl. The clock clicked again and she had that vision again. One afternoon, she was sitting in her drawing-room and for a moment she felt complete darkness and two people emerged out of that darkness. They were again taking away beam of light along.

After the vision, Nitika got numb for some time. And, as soon as she got normal.

She heard loud cries from her neighbourhood. She and her mother rushed to their neighbours. They got to know. Their neighbour Mr. Verma died. Nitika got confirmed after this second vision that either she has got some power of seeing the death process of people around her or this is a way of nature to warn her that death is around. She had seen two more consecutive death’s visions that year.

Nitika shared everything with her parents and this time her parents took this very seriously. She was taken to paranormal experts. Her paranormal story was explained to them.

They told Nitika and her parents that she has an extended sixth sense i.e. more than a normal individual has. She was advised to use her powers for the benefit of others. Thus, by the time Nitika became 16 years of old, she became a tarot card reader, after attending just a small workshop as her intuition power was very strong. Her journey to help others through tarot cards had started. Which used to give a lot of satisfaction to her as she used to do it completely for charity. Her interesting journey reached till college and till now she had been enjoying it. Nitika reached to college and the time of dating and boyfriends arrived.

Her paranormal story became difficult for her because it became difficult for guys around her to relate with her paranormal story, true story of her life.

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