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Supernatural: True love story of Blessing in Disguise!


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Prologue: This story is based on a true love story of an Indian girl, who went through pain and rejections but finally found true love!

Nitika came to that point in her life where she was not getting where her personal life was heading and ironically that was also the time where she had to focus on her career and college. Nitika was a Biotechnology student.

This was that phase of this true love story -:

where Nitika faced continuous rejections from the guys because of the presence of paranormal powers in her life and due to her super sleek physique, for which she used to be bullied in her childhood as well. Thus, half of them rejected her because of their typical apprehension about the looks and half of them rejected her because of her connection to the supernatural powers.

‘Rejections come and go easily but left an emptiness in you’.

Nitika faced a long patch of depression due to continuous rejections but she surpassed this phase with a big smile on her face and her one liners full of sarcasm on her tongue. During her final year in graduation, she choose to appear for MBA entrance exams, considering no scope in Biotechnology in India. She started preparing for MBA entrance exams. But, Nitika was certainly going through bad luck phase of her life because just after her entrance exam, her father went through a fatal accident. Although he survived, but the treatment of her father had put the entire family into financial crises. And, even after scoring good marks in her entrance exam; she was not able to take admission, in any of the MBA colleges due to existing financial crises. Thus, Nitika lost hope. She considered that nothing good going to happen.

But slowly she collected herself and searched out a way. She joined a part-time job to support her family, also became part of a team of Biotech researchers, who were doing research by putting their own money. Her life had started coming back on track; mainly because she used to spend her day time on her job and her evenings doing the research work. Few months passed like this, health of her father got better. And a new love knocked in Nitika’s life and his name was Rishab.

This time everything was going picture perfect like a fairy tale love story. The love blossomed, nurtured and reached till engagement. As, family of both Nitika and Rishab accepted their relationship happily.

Finally, Nitika was getting happiness through a relationship. But, as a famous saying, when everything comes to your lane easily you are at the wrong lane! The next incident changed Nitika’s life again. “Once, Nitika and Rishab was sitting in a park and they were having discussion about a problem of Rishab. Which, he had been facing for a while at his workplace. Rishab, suggested to take help of Tarot Cards. Coincidentally, Ritika was carrying the cards in her bag that day, thus she agreed. Ritika took out her cards, in the garden area and had done a reading for Rishab. While doing the reading, she forgot that she was advised by a paranormal expert, not to do the reading in an open area.

That moment passed, but something changed in her life. That day, Nitika did not come home alone. An, unknown presence came along with her”.

A bad soul or supernatural power and since that day, sleepless nights of Nitika started as she was continuously feeling some unknown presence around, which was scratching her, slapping her and was pulling her hairs, at regular intervals.

The final chapter of this true love story will be published on Friday stay tuned to


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