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Supernatural(True Story of Happy Endings!)

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True Love Story of Nitika further (A happy endings tale) -:

Not only the nights but her days also became difficult and scary. Nitika used to had visions earlier but she never faced this kind of paranormal phenomena around her. Never she expected that any day, she will have this kind of paranormal presence around her. Which would scare her till death. She shared everything with Rishab, expecting that he would understand. But, her bad luck struck again, Rishab broke up with her stating that she has lost her mental balance.

Meanwhile, her parents took her to paranormal experts for help, they told them that as she did a mistake by doing the reading in an open area because an evil supernatural power is affecting her as she is a positive soul. They, told her to perform few spiritual procedures to get rid of it. Which were performed by Nitika and her family. Thus, finally she got relief.

But, she did not relieve from the biggest pain of her life the break up, she just went through. She tried to collect her broken pieces, but she was just not able to. She almost locked herself in her room. She decided not to touch tarot cards again. She did not feel like meeting and interacting with people. And, one evening, when she was not able to resist the pain. Nitika decided to end her life. She poisoned herself. Her parents came in as saviors and saved her life. They supported her to recollect in all the ways and advised her to start her research again. Nitika started to focus on research work again; which was related to some protein synthesis.

A Ray of Hope-:

After the hard work of few more months, their team reached to a conclusion or a stage from where they can plan to submit their research paper. They decided to submit their paper to a deemed U.S university. And, a ray of hope slowly entered in Nitika’s life. The research paper got the appreciation from the university researchers and not only that, Nitika and one other member of their group, got scholarship, to study and research further with the University. Thus, a girl, who was struggling in India, got a chance to live her dreams in United States.

Blessing in disguise (Happy Endings) -:

Within few month’s Nitika left for United States, which was a stepping stone towards success and happiness. Nitika completed her studies and research in United States. She got finally settled in the city of dreams New York. Not only, she got the success in work, she also met her dream guy in the city of dreams. Thus, finally all rejections and disappointments turned into a blessing in disguise. The last status of Nitika’s facebook wall says -:

“You are never too old to visit Disney World. I am re living my childhood dream to be in Disney World with my parents and to find my Prince Charming 🤴🏼, whom I’ve found at last. This is the start of my fairy tale and I’m sure it will be a “Happily ever after” kind of tale!!” This is called as Happy Endings of a true love story.
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