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Hide and Seek (True Story of little girl and Sparrow)

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In a small town, in the heart of India, a little girl about 9 years old was playing in a small garden of her house. Which was her favorite pass time during afternoons. She was running behind the butterflies; which were flying over the red and pink roses, yellow marigold flowers in the garden. While playing in the garden, she noticed a little bird Sparrow pulling the grass twigs and then the sparrow flew away. The little girl got busy again running behind the butterflies, holding them and then releasing them. After few minutes, she noticed the small bird again, pulling out grass from the garden and again flying away, this time she kept staring at the bird, to know, where the bird had been going. She noticed that bird flew away to the window of her bedroom and then entered inside. After few minutes, bird again came to the garden. Like this, bird was doing rounds from garden to room and room to garden, like the sparrow playing hide and seek with the little girl.

After about half an hour, the little girl noticed that bird entered in the room but she did not fly back to the garden.

The little girl was waiting to see the small bird again in the garden. But, she did not appear. The little girl rushed towards her room to search the bird. While she approached near to her room. She heard continuous knocking sound, which was coming in the set of two, like somebody trying to fix a nail on the wall and using a hammer in the sets of two. She entered in the room, with the curiosity in her mind, what’s happening, her innocent mind was surprised to see that the small Sparrow was making that sound, as the bird was sitting over the dressing mirror kept in the room.

And, the bird was continuously knocking on the mirror, while looking at her own mirror image. The sparrow was continuously changing her position forward and backward on the mirror, like she had been playing hide and seek with the mirror, so that other bird could disappear but as the mirror image was moving with the small bird, thus the small birdie was continuously knocking on the mirror. The little girl was amazed to see this hide and seek. She was just not getting why little birdie, knocking furiously on the mirror again and again, seeing her own image. The little girl called her mother and narrated the complete story, while pointing at the Sparrow.

She narrated ‘How the little bird had been collecting grass from the garden and had been moving from garden to the room and now the little bird is knocking on the mirror again and again, seeing her own image’.

The little girl asked the reason of bird’s behaviour, mother narrated ‘The Sparrow is collecting grass from the garden to build her nest, with his mate’ and the mother pointed upwards towards a corner of a wall, to show her the nest the sparrow had been building. Mother also explained to the little girl that the little birdie had been playing hide and seek with the mirror because she had been thinking, another bird had been following her and the sparrow might be scared that the other bird could capture her nest or could take away his mate.

The girl inquired but where is the other bird, suddenly a pale brown grayish female sparrow came and sat on the window. Mother told her look at the window, she is there. The bird with more black streaks with brown is the male partner and the pale brown grayish colour bird, with no black streaks is female.

The little girl replied -: oh! with a smile on her face. As now the puzzle had been sorted for her.

After looking at the female bird, who just arrived, male bird flew away with her.

The next day, while the little girl was playing in the garden, again she noticed the little Sparrow, doing the same process again, she had been collecting the grass in her beak and was taking it to her room and was flying back. The little girl was getting habitual of this hide and seek play and was enjoying it. After the hide and seek play of about an hour, the little sparrow again did not come back from the room. The, little girl ran to her room, to see the little sparrow knocking on the mirror, that was fun for the little girl.

But, to her disappointment, the bird was not there, she tried to search the Sparrow everywhere in the room but she was not able to find the little sparrow. While she was coming out of her room, something had struck at her feet, she looked downwards, here the little sparrow was.

The little sparrow was lying on the floor, the little bird was breathing fast. The little girl, had held the small sparrow in her hand, to know what had happened to her. She noticed a cut on the side of her wing and the blood was oozing out. Then, the little girl looked at the innocent face of the bird her eyes were wide open, like telling her to help her. The little girl filled with pain, looking that condition of small birdie. Initially, she did not understand how to help the little Sparrow. But, then something came to her mind, which she learned from her grandmother, that turmeric heals the wound, thus she asked for some turmeric from her mother, she made a paste using turmeric and water and applied on the wound.

After applying the turmeric, bird closed her eyes, the little girl was not getting what to do next. Then, she recalled a statement from her science teacher, that sugar or glucose give instant energy. The little girl, tried one more thing, she started feeding the sugar-water to the little sparrow with the help of a little spoon, at regular intervals. After about two to three hours, the little Sparrow started responding. The little girl filled with happiness. Then, after some time, the little bird flew away. This little act of kindness, finally gave relief to the little bird and utter happiness and joy to the little girl. At times, little kids do such random acts of kindness, which we grown up cannot even think of.

Conclusion -: Be kind to birds! Be kind to animals! Try help them, if cannot, at least do not hurt them.

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