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Single Life (True Story of Struggle & Triumph)!

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Noida, one of the most flourishing city in U.P India. A place, in Delhi NCR region, where most of the young talented Indian guys and gals come and stay to make and flourish their career. Single Life is a story, based on true characters. The three educated and talented Indian girls, who were sharing a house in Noida.

Reema, Ruchi and Sakshi were the three girls who navigated from different cities and different backgrounds and got to meet and stay in the same house in a new city.

Reema is an engineer by profession and completed her engineering from Bangalore, India. She recently got placed in Noida.

Ruchi is a Life Sciences student, completed her studies from Amity Noida and started working in paramedical Industry.

Sakshi is a master’s in Journalism and was pursuing her career as an Anchor in the media Industry.

Let’s start exploring the complete story of single life by knowing about Reema first.

Reema is a 5feet 3 inches tall girl with wheatish complexion and broad face. Reema can be best defined as a bold upper middle class Indian girl. She truly represents the present generation and most experimental in her behaviour and mannerisms, among all. She experiments with cigarette to alcohol and hookah to every new and recent trend.

Reema is extremely outspoken, bit short tempered and very straightforward. She depicts overall a confident persona. Yet, in the nutshell she is very emotional. Her break ups hurt her to the hell.

A normal day for Reema starts around 8 a.m. and ends around 12:30 p.m. Reema wakes up at 8 a.m. get ready and leave for office around 9:15 a.m.; after having her very healthy and diet conscious breakfast.

After a very hectic day in the office, she reaches back to her single life stay around 7:30 p.m.

Which is not the end of her day, although the beginning of time for further preparations for the further studies and a better and well-paying job.


To read the finale chapter of this Single life ,True Story. Please click the below link -:

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