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Single life (The Straightforward True Story!)

Single Life, True Story, Straightforward, One to One, Real Picture of Indian Society, Hypocrisy, Feminism

In the final straightforward chapter of this Single Life True Story, Lets have the clarity about the hypocrite measures circling around the single lives of Indian Society.

Let’s sneak into the life of Sakshi in the second part of the story. Sakshi is one of the most beautiful and well maintained Indian girl, from an Indian town Banaras. She has all the mannerisms of small town and all the ambitions of big town. Thus, fulfilling her dream of pursuing a career in media. Sakshi has been brought up by a single father as she lost her mother in her childhood. She had not very easy childhood, devoid of mother. Nor her journey from small town to media Industry has been easy, but she has been handling everything very smartly and very strongly.

The very tall heighted Ruchi is the younger daughter of a family of four, her brother being elder to her. She is most pampered in her family, with a sweet marriage dream for her. And, she has been pursuing a career in Noida away from her hometown in U.P, which is more of a fun for her. But to the utter surprise, she is the most traditional of all.


Reema Sakshi and Ruchi have following things in common (The Straightforward Clarity) -:

  1. They all are from small towns.
  2. They all love their parents and they equally love them.
  3. They go out and every day face and avoid all the hypocrisy and a lot of perception around them. They also got to hear a lot of do’s and don’ts for them in which they don’t believe.
  4. They also share a common open space in the house, except the kitchen, where they all dry their clothes. Which is also a common meeting place for them as in between their busy schedules, they don’t get any time to hang out with each other.

Thus, at this common space, all the bruises get shared at times. They all share their break ups and marriage pressures. They all inquire from each other at times, with what kind of pressure they are going through in terms of personal life and professional life.

After sharing all the common problems of their lives, they got to understand four things and somewhere learning to adjust with it (The Straightforward Conclusion) -:
  1. How much modern we(Indians) become, with our clothes and lifestyle, we are stereotype people and cannot sustain a person specially a female easily, who lives ahead of these stereotypes, not all but in most of the cities of India.
  2. Marriage is as must as eating dal-chawal (traditional Indian meal), that is also within a certain age limit; if you do not know the taste of it, that means you have not eaten anything i.e. there is something seriously wrong either with you or with your character.
  3. Even the Indian Corporates or the work places are the slaves of these stereotypes because at the end of the day people of the society work there.
  4. Very less percentage of people from the society, understand and respect the fact that at the end of the day it’s your life.
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