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Turning Point (True Story of a Real Life Hero) Part -I!

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A few years back, a tall dusky Indian guy in his mid-twenties came from Gwalior (M.P) to Delhi. To look for his dreams. The guy named Mridul, who initially wanted to be a Director and an actor in Indian movies because of his abilities in writing and visualization and a wish of expressing himself through acting. Mridul had given up his that dream as the reality of life and urgency of earning money had struck him and struggle of getting a positive turning point in Mumbai film Industry appeared a lot of patience and luck driven.

Thus, after completing a course in Journalism. He had started pursuing his career in news media industry and joined a job in Delhi.

Our real-life hero Mridul, of this Turning Point true story, is an honest, hardworking and talented Indian guy.

Who holds all the simplicity of a small town middle class Indian family. Thus, his chance of survival in an extremely politically driven sector was very less, as he is all the way intelligent and hardworking but not at all politically correct.

His news media job responsibility was into news series and news programmes production.

Which he was doing successfully but only a few honest ones around used to accept and appreciate that.

H.O.D of our true story hero had started developing the disliking for him because most of his sycophants were disliking him because they knew that Mridul can surpass almost all of them as he is very talented.

Thus, all the politics for making our heroes live difficultly had started.

Mridul had started getting more and more work on his table but no appreciation for the same, which he was completing all but he was not getting any appreciation for the same. Finally, to make his life worse he was given continuous night shifts.

In this phase of shrewdly planned torture around him, Meenal stood by him. Meenal was Mridul’s colleague and a well-wisher in the news channel. She was noticing, what all was circling around and was supporting Mridul throughout this tough journey.

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