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Modern Ravana (Hypothetical Characters Depicting True Story)!

Terrorism, root cause, Right Parenting, Modern Ravana, Good Over Evil !

Yesterday we happily burnt ages-old Ravana and cherished the win of good over evil!

But, forgot to address the Ravana which slowly and steadily enters in our Lives.

Let’s know about Modern Ravana through our short story.

Zaroon is born to a Muslim mother Nafisa and a Hindu father Kundan in Chennai. Kundan is a school teacher and a very religious person. Nafisa is a very caring, helping, lively and most simple middle-class Indian lady.

Zaroon is getting his upbringing in the most studious and sacred atmosphere. Where he is getting all the knowledge which is available in the course books as well as religious books from his father. And, all the love of this world from his mother.

Even since Zaroon reaches the age of 4 years, his father realized, he is very intelligent. Thus, he starts building his expectations. And, the first evil of Dashanana entered in Zaroon’s life through his father greed(Lobh) for reputation and money.

At the age of six, Zaroon lost the center of his life his mother, out of worse typhoid fever.

By the time Zaroon attains 10 years of age. Kundan decided, he would become an Engineer. Thus, second evil entered into Zaroon’s life, loving the children, security, and money to the extreme of imposing at the level of insensitivity.

Kundan becomes strict about his maths marks and somewhere it is important for Kundan and a matter of ego among his fellow teachers as he is a teacher of Mathematics. Thus, next evil ego & Pride (Ahankara) entered in this life story.

Zaroon grows up into a tall, enthusiastic sixteen years old. He got inclined towards creative arts and paintings. He wants to be a successful painter. Thus, another evil entered into his life. Anger (Krodha) of his father. Which he faced for about two years.

Then, he gives up and starts giving, his full energies to Engineering studies. But, the next evil Hate(Ghrina) for life entered his life.

He gets selected by a reputed Engineering college in Delhi and shifts to a Hostel in Delhi.

He makes a lot of friends and meets Zeenat, a beautiful Kashmiri girl there.

He proposed to her. Zeenat refused Zaroon’s proposal. But, Zaroon falls into the blind attachment or blind love/lust (Kama). He reaches Kashmir following Zeenat. Who is actively involved in planning terrorist activities, under the pressure of his elder brother, the only alive member of her family.

Zeenat’s brother Zaid shows the way to Zaroon to make easy money and to be a part of Zeenat’s life. By helping them across the country to plan terrorist activities using his Engineering skills. It shook him initially but Zaroon is lonely inside and he needs Zeenat’s togetherness at any cost.

Thus, a simple, intelligent, educated Indian guy become a terrorist “A modern Ravana”.

Dear Indian Parents, be kind to your child/children become their friends, understand them. Do not be imposed and strict rulers to them.

Don’t let modern Ravana ruin their life.

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