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Turning Point (True Story of a Real Life Hero) Part-II

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At times, time tests you the fullest. That was happening with our real-life hero.

Mridul was given continuous night shifts. Which had been giving health issues to Mridul. Slowly the condition became worse and Mridul became bedridden due to severe backaches. It took him few months to come back to normal life.

In these complete phase Meenal stood by Mridul. This was the phase Meenal and Mridul came closer. And, decided to live life together. After few months Mridul joined back the work but irony had to test them more. Due to losses and other internal reasons, the media office was getting shut down. They were given two month’s time to look out for a new job. On the other end, their marriage got fixed between all the family tussles. Their marriage date was coming closer. They both started looking for a new job opportunity but nothing was working out.

A few months back, our real-life hero Mridul had cracked NET in Journalism, along his job. As he aimed to be a Professor, a profession suited more to his intellects. But, he was not getting any opportunity in any College or University. Although few of them told him to apply in future. Thus, nothing was working out in present situation. Neither for Mridul nor for Meenal.

The biggest point of concern for both of them was that their marriage date was coming closer. Which got fixed after extreme family tussles. Although they both were not sure that their family will attend their marriage.

Thus, in between family and job issues their marriage date arrived. They both were jobless. Their families did not attend the marriage. In the presence of their close friends, they both got married in the traditional Indian manner.

They were newly married and Mridul was under extreme stress (and so as Meenal). As he was not able to see his future and financial security.

Ten more days passed and Mridul’s worries were not getting an ending. After long torture at the workplace and continuous disappointment in job search, Mridul was bit broken but life took a U-turn. His Patience and Perseverance got answered.

On the 15th day, he got selected for his dream Professor’s job at a renowned University in Delhi. Finally, the magic called life gave him big financial security, a dream job and a happy married life with Meenal.

And Mridul expressed these final words to Meenal -: Your Presence & togetherness has made my life Special  !!!

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