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Grandma Stories (True Story of Soul concern)!

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Years back, my 70 year’s old loved grandma was comfortably sitting on her chair. She was holding a cup of tea. Me 10 years old was sitting in front of her, waiting for her tea to finish and was curiously looking at her. She finished her tea, smiled and looked at me and said story (you want) and smiled again. I replied ‘true story’ grand ma. She smiled again and said ok listen!

This is a true story which begins before partition of India and Pakistan.There was a religious family of Mr. Krishna Raj Malhotra, father of four beautiful daughters’ ad two sons. Krishna Raj was an English government employee and a husband of a tall Punjabi wife.

Krishna Raj was a very loving father. His children used to call him Bauji (Papa). Bauji’s favourite daughter was her elder and most responsible daughter Savita.

Me-: Interrupted in between and it’s you grand ma.

Gandma Smiled and replied -: Yes!

Grand ma’s true story moved forward-:

The other three daughters were Neena, Leela and Meena and two sons Anand and Govind. Govind being the youngest.  Leela and Govind being most notorious among all.

Bauji (Papa) was very strict about the studies of his children, he was ahead of his time in his thought process. He was equally concerned about the studies of his daughters as he was concerned of his sons.

Years passed, for a happy family, well brought up children and their life accompanied with Elite English Lunch and Dinners, as Bauji had English bosses.

The daughters were studying in school. Savita the elder one was in 11th standard followed by Leela, in 10th standard, Meena, 9th standard. Anand and Govind had been studying  in 6th and 5th standard respectively.

Bauji was a believer of god Vishnu. Thus, he used to fast once in a month i.e. on full moon day every month. Bauji used to visit home from work on this particular day during afternoons to do Vishnu pooja (prayer of lord Vishnu) and have food.

On one destined day, on his fasting day he was feeling chest pain. Considering, it normal acidity issue. He went to his work. As a practice, he came back home from work. He started doing Vishnu Pooja, ignoring his pain. His pain surpassed the bearable limit suddenly; one of the house help had seen him collapsing. He called all the family members. They took him to the Docter. Bauji died on the way to the Docter due to major heart attack!

His family was in deep grief. Bauji was just 42, when he died. The strong mother of five kids Neeti Devi stood strong to take care of the family. They had enough family wealth to sustain.

After about 10 days of Bauji’s death, Govind had his exam. He was getting ready to rush to school. The little one had a fight with Leela on small issue. Mother got angry with both Leela and Govind. And Govind was not listening to his mother, thus mother slapped him. He left for the exam, without eating anything, missing his father.

When he was half way from the school, he sat down under a tree. Tears were rolling down his eyes. He was missing and memorising his father. He was sad and sitting just clueless. He suddenly realized Bauji is sitting next t to him, holding a leaf bowl with four laddoos. He looked at Bauji and started complaining about his mother. See mom has slapped me. Where have you gone? Bauji  didn’t reply, instead gave him laddoos to eat and told him not to leave home empty stomach again. Maa (Mother) is going through rough phase, so follow whatever she says. I will always be around. And finally Bauji said, Now you leave for school, you are getting late.

Govind had the laddoos and left smiling for school. He came back home after giving his exam and told the incident to her mother, elder sister and other family members. Nobody trusted him. Savita, the elder sister told him to show her the place, where the incident happened. She went along him, he showed her the tree,under which he was sitting, he narrated the whole incident.

Savita said -: You are making stories. This is not true !

And turned back along with Govind to move towards home. After walking about two steps something striked Savita’s foot she looked down and a leaf bowl striked her left foot.

Govind immediately said -: See the leaf bowl, in which Bauji gave me laddoos.

This shook Savita for a second.

Might that was concerned Bauji’s soul. (Savita Thought).!



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