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Grandma Stories (True Story narrated on Christmas Eve)!

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Sister Lincy was one of those nun teachers, to whom you found to be most loved and lovable around. Who tries to be strict at times. But, being very soft-hearted she always regret being strict to her students. Sister Lincy was a vice principal and a geography teacher of a very famous catholic school, in a small town in India.

She had one very favourite student in school. Her name was Srishti. Shrishti was studying in 5th standard. Sister Lincy used to like Srishti’s dedication and sincerity towards her work and whatever activity she used to participate in.

On every Christmas eve Shrishti along with her other friends used to visit the Convent, where sister Lincy and other nuns used to live.

Shrishti along with her friends used to pray on a beautifully decorated Church in the convent on every Christmas eve. Thus, like every year last year also Shrishti visited sister Lincy on the Christmas eve, prayed in the Church. When she came out of the Prayer area or Church, Sister Lincy offered handmade cakes, cookies and chocolates to her. Shrishti gave Sister Lincy a smile and Sister Lincy gave back her a big smile.

Sister Lincy (stared a bit to Shrishti) -: Then smiled and said, you know Shrishti, you remind me of Renee always. She was one of my most favourite student, when I was working in Kerala.

Shristi smiled -: Really!

Shrishti -: I would like to know more about her Sister.

Sister Lincy -: Renne was just as sincere as you are!

Sister Lincy -: She was aiming only philanthropy. She was very much inclined towards the social help. She wanted to help needy.

So, since she was just 12 years of age, she used to accompany me and other nuns, when we used to visit the nearby villages to teach children and at times to teach craft to the men and women.

Sister Lincy -: Now let me tell you about the special wish of Renee -: Once Renne shocked by expressing her special wish, when she was just 13 years of age.

Sister Lincy -: I asked her what you want to do, when you will grow up? She said in clear words -: I want to be a nun like you and serve the needy.

Sister Lincy narrated further true story on Christmas eve -: I gave her a smile and thought, she will forget her wish in few years.

Years passed, Renee passed her 12th standard and was about to enter college. She came to meet me before leaving the school.

Her words which she told me somehow striked me. And, I asked her, Is she still serious about her wish?

Renee replied -: Yes Sister! I have been very serious and have told my parents too.

Sister Lincy -: The what they replied.

Renee -: They are not in favour of this. They ultimately want me to get married and settle down. But, I am trying to convince them.

Renee left after telling the reaction of her parents.

Few months passed-: Sister Lincy received a call from Renee’s parents. They told her about Renee’s wish. And requested Sister Lincy, to convince her not to take such decision. They can understand her wish to help the society but that she can do after getting married also.

Sister Lincy gave them assurance that she will try, and they hung up.

Sister Lincy called Renee for a meeting.

During the meeting Sister Lincy told Renne -: That her life situation was different. She can get married and then can help the society along with her husband. As to take care of the happiness of her Parents is also her responsibility.

Rennee-: I need sometime to think about it.

After some time, Sister Lincy got the news from Renee’s Parents that she got agreed for the marriage. She will be getting married after the completion of her college.

On a Christmas eve, Rennee came to meet Sister Lincy after getting married. Renne was happy with her husband and told Sister Lincy that she and her husband decided together to help the society.

Sister Lincy -: Gave a big smile to Renne!

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