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Life of Underprivileged (True Story of Blessings we have)!

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We keep cribbing about our own lives. We often get depressed about what missing in our lives.

We often complain about what’s not good in our lives’. At times we hold responsible destiny, at times God, at times ourselves and at times our families. Let’s sneak into the lives of those who really have less. Those who struggle for basic amenities. Those who never enjoyed the facilities, love, and care we do. Let’s sneak into the life of Underprivileged.

Sharmishtha, a 4-year-old was sleeping, it was around 11:p.m. she suddenly heard the loud noises of her parents and woke up. Again his poor father came drunk and there was a fight between their parents.

Chamanlal, father of little Sharmishtha was not sensible towards his family, whatever little he used to earn, that was spent in boozing. Neeti, the mother of Sharmishta, used to take care of the family. Life was moving but not very smooth for sharmishtha and her mother. About a year later, one day, when Sharmistha came back from school, she noticed a lot of people standing outside her house. The little girl did not get what had been happening. She wondered and entered inside. The forward journey followed only sorrows. She found her mother was killed by her father.

The neighbors were murmuring, Police had arrested her father. Within two days, Sharmishta was handed over to an Orphanage by her neighbors. The struggling childhood of Sharmistha became worst, as the Orphan life started!

The other true story of Shyamlal, who is a manual scavenger and clean human waste manually.

His family work, which he has learned from his father. His poor father and family were not able to educate and teach him other than what they had been doing for years.  Still, Shyam Lal is managing a content living for himself his wife and three sons.

Once while cleaning a severe, in a small town, he had taken all the available precautions (which might be not that advance but were there.) and he entered deep into the severe to clean it. Suddenly a foul smell, nauseatic gas started oozing out. And within seconds Shyamlal was not able to see anything, he was choked. Luckily he was taken out before he could chock to death.

Shyamlal is one of those underprivileged, who don’t even get proper air to breathe, while he is at work. And, one of those simple people, still feels content at the end of the day.

But, we the privileged ones, never stop complaining!
Dear newgentowner, leaving you here to think about. Stay tuned for further stories!

To read true story of a manual scavenger, the real underprivileged, please follow the following link -:

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