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Two Hospital Nights(True Story of Near Death Experience)!

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Jabalpur, a city known as the Cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh, India. (Please follow the link to explore more about the city

It was a late evening of the month of August, decades back. Rajesh and his 14-year-old daughter Sweety were rushing to the city hospital. As soon as the nearby doctor confirmed that Namita Devi, mother of Rajesh having a major heart attack.

Sweety’s mother and Rajesh’s wife Karuna was away from the city because of some family function.

While she was away this life & death urgency had struck the family, which had led to near death experience ultimately.

Concerned Rajesh took the decision to admit her mother into the only hospital in the city equipped with best ICU facility.

Thus, Rajesh and Sweety rushed to the city hospital and Neeta Devi got admitted to the hospital late in the evening.

Sweety stayed back in the hospital, along with her grandmother, as only one person was allowed to stay in the night as an attendant and that too was preferably female.

Sweety had spent one whole night with the three people juggling amidst life and death.

All three were going through a near-death experience and so as Sweety.

Nobody was aware that among these three critical patients, who will survive and will be back to life.

An old man was lying on a bed. Towards left-hand side of Sweety’s grandmother’s bed but at a substantial distance. In the front area of Grandma’s bed was lying an unconscious medical student.

He was very young but was critical and was struggling for life. Next 48 hours were crucial for all the three patients.

Thus, 3 lives were juggling in front of young Sweety’s eyes. Her innocent eyes were observing every gesture and expression of patients as well as of Doctors and nurses.

Slowly, more about the old man and the young medical Student unfolded to Sweety and also about the critical condition of her grandmother as she spent more time in the ICU.

In the next chapter of this true story, the further story of that critical night and coming 48 hours will be unfold.

Stay tuned to newgentown to read the next chapter of this ‘Near Death Experience’ true story.


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