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Two Hospital Nights(True Story of Near Death Experience) Part – II

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The Old man’s True Story -: The old man was a Sindhi by religion and his wife was accompanying him all the time in the hospital.

His son and daughter in law used to visit him during visiting hours.

One thing was noticeable about the old man to everybody around that after every few hours.

He used to express his wish of eating certain Indian delicacies mainly pappad, fried pappad rather (an Indian starter and a snack which has been very famous among Sindhis, the old man’s community).

Every time he used to ask for a certain dish to eat, his wife used to reply with a pity and helpless expression that she will tell their son and daughter in law to prepare and bring next time when they will come to visit.

As the old man used to insist every few hours, thus, when Doctor visited, the old man’s wife couldn’t resist and ask him that if she can serve pappads to her husband once.

The doctor happened to be in bit irritated mood that time and replied -: Yes!….Due to eating pappads only, he is in this condition.

Then the Doctor controlled himself and replied -: You know, his both Kidneys are not working and he is on dialysis. We have been trying to revive him. He cannot eat any fried stuff.

The Medical Students True Story -:

Being from the medical field, Doctors and nurses were curious to know the true story of the medical student’s condition. When he was brought to the hospital,  he was unconscious. The next morning few of his friends came to see him. The ICU Doctor was there and he asked his friends, what happened to him. Is he had been under some kind of stress?. Any examination pressure.

One of the friends replied -: I am just aware, he got a letter from his father. He was having a slight fever, after reading his condition got worse. Still, the mystery remained unsolved.

The same evening Sweety heard the Head nurse discussing with the Doctor about the medical student.

‘His family has been going through some financial issues, his father mentioned in the letter, which he sent him. Ramesh, a medical student told me.

After listening to Head nurse. The Doctor replied-: His father must be aware that his son is so sensitive and staying in a hostel, he shouldn’t.

The head nurse didn’t say anything.

The Condition of Sweety’s Grand mother-: She was also not getting stabilized, as her heart was not working properly, thus her Kidneys got affected and she was put on dialysis.

After 24 Hours -: Thus, 24 hours had passed and still all the patients were critical and were going through near-death experiences so as their families.

The next morning -: One sigh of relief came to Doctors as the medical student started getting stabilized. But the behavior of the old man was becoming indifferent. He started telling his wife after every few hours not about any dish or any starter this time but about the glimpse of his relatives and friends, who were all dead as per his wife. And, she was horrified after listening to her husband.

After 48 hours, that’s how this near-death experience ended with the end of one of the patients, rest two survived!

The medical student got fully stabilized and after few more hours of under observation, he got discharged. He left along his family for his hometown, to take rest.

Sweety’s grandmother got stabilized after dialysis and was shifted to the normal ward for three more days.

The old man did not destine to go back to life and his family.

The old man passed away.

That’s how these two days long near-death experience or two critical hospital nights came to an end.

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