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The naughtiest colleagues & hilarious mentors (A Funny Stories Series) Part – I

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Geeta was working on her computer. Suddenly her Team Lead came near to her desk, let’s go to a meeting. All the team members including the new joinees of Web team have to meet V.P Technical department, followed by an Induction session by Human Resource Department I guess, the confirmation will be given by Human Resource Dept. only.

Geeta -: Alright Mr. Das

Next moment the other team members, Rashi, Nidhi, Mohit, and Yash joined for the meeting.

On the way to conference hall-:

Mohit -: The same old man, with his mugged lecture and advice.

Nidhi -: Yes! He sucks us every now and then on Productivity.

Especially, when a new Project comes.

Mr. Das-: half heard the comments, gave a sarcastic smile and passed on.

All the six web technical team members entered the conference hall.

They all had taken their seats around the long roundtable.

Yash and Mohit were sitting opposite to each other, Rashi was sitting next to Mohit and Nidhi was sitting opposite Rashi.

Mr. Das was sitting two seats away from Nidhi. Geeta was sitting in front of Mr. Das

Yash being most outspoken and naughtiest in the team murmured a one-liner again.

“This tall and strict old man going to throw on us long no-nonsense but all nonsense session”!

Nidhi’s chair being closest to Yash, she heard and started laughing; Mohit stared at her with a smile.

Rashi said -: ahhmmm ahmmm, share with us too!

Suddenly, Mr. Venugopal. V.P Technical entered the room.

He almost heard what Rashi said.

Reasonably tall and fat Mr. Venugopal(with a big black mole on his left cheek) replied to the line uttered before he just entered.

Coincidently, with his favorite one liner-: sharing is good within the team!

All of them just looked at Mr. Venugopal with their wide eyes open but hiding loads of laughter in their stomach. The complete silence followed for a moment.

Mr. Venugopal -: Good Morning Everyone!

Mr. Das Replied -: Good Morning Mr. Venugopal. Followed by all the team members almost together.

Mr. Venugopal again -: sharing is good within the team and we come back again to what Rashi was asking to share.

Yash stared at Rashi and Rashi crossed her lips inside, pressed slightly to hold her laughter.

Mr. Venugopal again -: So, who all are new to the team.

Mr. Das replied -: Geeta and Rashi!

Mr. Venugopal -: Gave 90 degrees nodding to his head and replied, oh I see!

Mohit stretched his neck after seeing Mr. Venugopal’s 90 degrees nodding as a counter effect.

Yash passed on a smile to him.

After that Mr. Venugopal gave his regular introductory speech about the Organization………………
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