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Mr. Venugopal’s speech ahead so as our humorous stories series!

We are a 6 years old entity but we are preparing our self to stand in front of 60 years old organizations.

Yash in his mind – Maybe something logical coming this time.

Mr. Venugopal -: Thus, we all should focus on Productivity.

Yash in his mind -: oh, fishhhh,… fish is back to the pond, productivity pond rather.

Now again he will swim deep to this productivity pond.

Mr. Venugopal -: In last six years, on an average, our productivity rate has been 70%.

Including our IT neonatal and tortoise engineers and Mr. Venugopal gave a stare to everyone!

Mohit to his brain cells -: if we are so slow, why doesn’t he hire all rabbits?

Yash gave a stare to Mohit and Nidhi.

Nidhi wtsapp Yash -: Mr. Venugopal’s Biology is so strong.

Yash wtsapp Nidhi -: Yah, this fat man, and his sucking terminologies.

Mr. Venugopal further -: See the graph, pointing towards projector. This graph shows that the gap between us and our close competitors, which are not much older in the market than us, is substantial, and the difference in the productivity rate between us and stable players in the market is about……..

Before Mr. Venugopal could say anything. Yash said 120%.

Mr. Venugopal to Yash -: Good you have done your analysis.

Yash -: aaa…Yes Mr. Venugopal, actually I remember!

Mr. Venugoal to Yash -: What you remember?

Yash -: Didn’t say anything

Mr. Venugopal again-: Yash what you remember?

Yash -: The last presentation!

And Mr. Venugopal gave a bit scary stare to Yash.

Yash just looked down and all other team members looked at Yash.

Mr. Venugopal-: So, I expect from all the new and old engineers to enhance the productivity as much as they can.

And, I have a new announcement to make that from now onwards, we will analyze the individual productivity charts along with the team as well.

Mohit wtsapp to Nidhi and Yash…..-: This man going to rate us individually and from next presentations, he is going to hang us in his charts as well.

Yash wtsapp to Mohit -: Right Bro 😛

Nidhi replied with a smiley.

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