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The naughtiest colleagues & hilarious mentors(Funny Story to tell) Part-III

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The conversation of conference room moved forward and this Funny story to tell got more interesting!

Mr. Venugopal to all the team members -: This is it, from my end.

And, now Rashi will share, what she wanted to share.

Mr. Venugopal -: Rashi, let us know.

Rashi -: Looked at Mr. Venugopal with her eyeballs almost oozing out. And then she looked at Yash.

Rashi -: Heard a ping on her cell phone. She looked at her phone below the table.

And there was the Yash -: He sent a wtsapp message saying: tell him you wanted to share the information about the upcoming Indonesian project.

Rashi to Mr. Venugopal -: I was about to share the information about the upcoming Indonesian project.

Mr. Venugopal -: oh! Yes. Congratulations team, we got the confirmation from Indonesian clients.

Mr. Venugopal -: So Rashi…..and before he could say anything, Mr. Venugopal’s phone reminder rang, phone pop up showed “client meeting”.

Mr. Venugopal -: oh!  I have to rush to an important meeting.

Rashi took a sigh of relief and so as other team members.

Mr. Venugopal Left from the conference room.

After that, all the team members came out from the conference.

Yash to Rashi -: Poor Girl….awww, Rashi stared at Yash.

Yash to Rashi -: why you feel so scared of this fatty?

Rashi -: R u nuts, you are calling Mr. Venugopal a fatty. He will sue both of us.

No no, fatty has a quality. What? What quality? Although he has a very irritating persona, he judges people on his merits.

Oh, you know about him a lot.

Yash -: Yes Rashi, I have been working with this company from last 4 years.

Rashi -: Seems like a record, one company 4 years. You believe in digging gratuity.

Yash -: Gratuity?

Rashi -: Don’t tell me you don’t know about.

Yash -: No, I don’t. How do you know about it?

Rashi -: Human Resource Personnel of my previous organization was my friend.

Yash -: Human Resource Personnel, a friend, Do HR’s are friend materials???

Rashi -: What do you mean by friend material, they too are human beings?

Yash -: oh I see! So, what she told you.

Rashi -: He was a guy.

Yash -: Really??

Rashi -: Yes and he told me as per some labour law, I forgot the name, an employee become eligible for gratuity after the completion of five years of service. And, it’s pretty good amount.

Yash -: And how it’s been calculated.

Rashi -: I don’t much, Google it or contact our company’s HR Miss. Naina.

Yash -: Alright I would speak to strict Naina. From my first interaction with Naina to till date, I haven’t understood, How a person with such expressions born!!!

Rashi -: aheem, aheem

Rashi -: Why, Is she is an alien?

And Sarcastic Yash of this funny story to tell series replied-:

Yash -: Certainly, Certainly close to an alien!

And they both smiled and left for the cafeteria.

This funny story to tell will continue in our next blog. Stay tuned to

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