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The Naughtiest Colleagues and Hilarious Mentors (Comedy Story)Part IV !

Comedy Story Series Further

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Rashi was standing near the corridor outside Office cafeteria and was sharing a cup of coffee with Nidhi, Mohit, and Geeta.

Mohit inquired from Rashi -: Yash left in hurry. Where he went?

Rashi -: He left to meet our Human Resource Manager Naina, the strict Naina, no no the Alien Naina, as per Yash.

They all had a huge laugh.

And as soon as they stopped laughing heard a voice from behind. A lady said, hi guys.

They all turned back, and their faces turned red.

The lady who was standing there was Naina, the HR Manager.

Naina (HR) -: Have you guys seen Yash?

Rashi -: What??? Ummm.

Naina -: What happened Rashi is anything wrong?

Rashi -: Actually, Yash was also looking out for you, he rushed towards your cabin.

Naina -: oh! ok, alright. And Naina left.

Then they all came back to their workstations.

They had rested their bumps on their chairs and their numb quiet faces were looking at their computers.

(A small twist in our Comedy Story)

And suddenly, they noticed Yash was sitting on his chair and was busy doing his work with full concentration.

They all turned to him and asked -: Yash you are here!

Yash -: Yes, why I was supposed to be somewhere else?

Mohit -: You left in hurry from the cafeteria.

Yash -: so what, I left in a hurry because I realized the probable chances of a bug in the project I have to complete by today.

Rashi -: What?

Yash-: Hold on guys what’s the issue.

Rashi -: We thought you left in hurry to meet Naina, (the Human Resource Manager).

And while I was telling Mohit, Nidhi, and Geeta what you were cribbing about her………(and Rashi paused).

Yash -: Then what happened Naina…???

Rashi-: Then Naina greeted us from the back.

Yash-: Don’t tell me she heard it.

Rashi -: Probably

Yash -: Yash, Rashi you cant do this to me. My appraisals have been due for next month.

Rashi -: Don’t worry, appraisals are in the hands of our team lead.

Yash -: You don’t know anything then, and my neck is in a mess if she heard it.

Mohit -: First we need to search out she heard it or not.

Yash -: See the detective Mohit is speaking. And how we will do that. Please guide us for that too sir!

Mohit -: Let me think of an Idea.

Yash -: Do not give us half-baked ideas. Mohit, the Detective Mohit, followed by a sarcastic stare by Yash to Mohit!

Mohit -: oh Yaa! (Mohit replied while making his face ).

After a pause of about 15 minutes

Rashi -: I have an Idea.

Yash -: oh ya, one more productive mind has an Idea. the lady problem creator herself.

Mohit -: oh common Yash, let her speak.

Then they made a plan to take out the truth from Miss Naina, the Human Resource Manager.

The aims of their plan were -:

  1. To know, if she heard what Yash thinks about her.
  2. If she heard, then is she really annoyed.
  3. If she is annoyed, is she has any plans to ruin Yash’s increment.
  4. And, the main motto is to safeguard their buddy Yash.
Stay tuned to newgentown to know further, what happened with these sarcastic guys and this fictional comedy story.

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