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Hilarious Yash and Mike Goofup (An office comedy story)!

Prologue -: The below interesting short story is the next part of naughtiest colleagues and hilarious mentor series. In the present part of this office comedy story, Yash and his colleagues trying to sort an issue with the Human Resource Manager, in their unique and hilarious way but they end up messing everything. Read the below story to know further.

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An office Comedy Story!

Rashi informed all his colleagues that Guys, we have an office Get together next week.

And started narrating her plan -: So, the plan is for the party, we all will give compliments to Naina(HR Manager), one by one, after proper intervals and will notice her reactions.

Geeta interrupted -: What reactions?

Rashi -: her positive and negative reactions.

Mohit -: But, girls mostly react positively to the compliments.

Geeta -: So does the guys.

Rashi -: Yes, that’s the plan, if she will think Yash has been not praising her honestly, she will react differently to him.

Yash who had been listening to the plan quietly, instantly gave a reaction.

So, basically, we have to flatter Miss Naina, the HR Manager, to take out the truth.

Rashi -: Yes, we have to flatter her but not flirt; there is a sleek line in between. Be careful! Yash.

Yash -: of course Rashi, after all my increment could be in mess.

Then, Nidhi, Mohit, Geeta, and Rashi searched and thought about their lines and decided their sequence.

Also, that Yash would be the second last to compliment her.

The next week, the day of Get-together arrived. All office members start gathering in the cafeteria from 3 p.m. onwards.

Yash is damn nervous for the first time before talking to a lady. Otherwise, he is an extremely confident soul while talking to girls/ladies.

Thus, he stands outside the cafeteria in a corner to rehearse his lines.

He faces towards a wall and starts saying his lines to the wall, considering it Miss. Naina.

Being unaware that a mike has been fixed exactly above his head and some testing and repairing work has been going on it.

The mike was fixed to make announcements in the cafeteria during getting together and office parties.

Thus, this is how Yash rehearsed along with mike testing -:

Yash rehearsed his first line (Mike off).

First Line -: Miss Naina, you are looking fabulous in this dress.

He analyzed and uttered-: “No No this will not work”.

He rehearsed the second line (Mike off).

Second Line -: Miss. Naina, its true adorable, the way you handle the difficult situations on daily basis in the office.

He analyzed again and uttered, “no no this will not work”.

He rehearsed the third line. (Mike On).

Third Line -: Miss. Naina, when I say Alien, I mean the creatures with extraordinary capabilities, that’s what I meant, when I called you an Alien, outside the conference hall.

And, this third line got heard by the whole office.

Including Mr. Das, Mr. Venugopal, and Miss. Naina.

And a secret in this office comedy story came out.

Naina’s face turned red and she uttered, I didn’t know this. Mohit was standing near to her, thus he heard what Naina uttered.

He rushes towards Yash and says -: What have you done dude?

Yash reacts with a blank face being clueless, as he was completely engrossed in his rehearsals.

Yash replied -: What I did?

Mohit -: The whole office heard what you said, you did not notice the mike.

Yash almost got faint as he realized, Mr, Venugopal is a very strict man and now he also knows about this.

Mohit also informed Yash, that Naina did not know earlier but now she knows, with what all names you call her and all.

Yash -: Just one other name dude.

Mohit-: Ya, Ya, which now the whole office aware of.

Stay tuned to newgentown to read further, the next part of this office comedy story will be published soon.



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