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Life is a roller coaster ride(A True Story)



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We all have heard and realized many times that life is a roller coaster ride. Those curve balls and sudden jerks of life, when at one moment we can see everything flowing smoothly and next moment can’t see and understand where life is heading.

That journey from light to darkness and from darkness to again light.

Presenting the  ‘life is a roller coaster ride’ true story of a family.

who went through riches to rags and from love to emotional vacuum.

Mr. Verma, a reputed General Manager, of a big reputed Indian bank. Mr. Verma had a beautiful wife Radhika, a 5-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son, Jhumki and Dhruv respectively.

Life was beautiful full of luxury, love, and reputation. Mr. Verma had a good connection with the eminent personalities and celebrities of the nation, frequent parties, and foreign visits were a routine.

Radhika was a homemaker, a beautiful wife and a responsible mother of two. She used to accompany her husband in almost all his trips.

Mr. Verma was an impactful gentleman, who was full of life and used to believe living life at the present.

He used to earn the best and used to spend best for his family.

Radhika was a happy wife. She had just one disagreement with her husband, that he saves really less and his spending are too high. After a few arguments and discussions, she gave up discussing the saving issue with her husband.

Mr. Verma always has had a standard reply, I am here you need not worry about anything.

3 Years passed happily; they celebrated the birthdays of their children and two marriage anniversaries. On their next marriage anniversary, Radhika decorated the house beautifully, a lot of important guests arrived in the evening, it was all happening and happy.

Radhika was waiting for Mr. Verma, he had some important meetings lined up, thus Radhika knew he would be a bit late.

But, the clock clicked 7:00 p.m., Mr. Verma neither arrived nor called. After about ten minutes, Radhika received a call from Mr. Verma ’s bank.

The shattering news arrived -: Mr. Verma had a heart attack, in between the meeting and within a few minutes lost complete consciousness.

He was declared dead as soon as, he was taken to the hospital.

Radhika got the biggest bump of her life. Which gave Radhika and her children biggest emotional vacuum, also had put them into serious financial trouble in about a year.

Life is a roller coaster ride; the course of action could be changed at any moment for better or worst!

Radhika joined a job, to support her kids and herself. But, conditions certainly didn’t get good as it was with Mr. Verma.

Now, Radhika has been struggling hard to get her kids to grow up and settle successfully in their professions.




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