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My Innocent Friend (Heart Touching True-Life Story!)

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This is a true life story of my very innocent small-town friend.

For her, life was not more than studies and her two younger brothers and a younger sister.

If you can figure out a plumpy fair girl around you with big bluish green eyes and golden brown hairs, who laughs and crack jokes all the time, that is my very innocent friend Anamika.  Like every small town Parents, she was told by her parents that if she wants to make her life, she should study, and she should study hard.

She followed these words of her parents, in her childhood and in her youth. She had chosen computer applications for her graduation. By the time she had completed her graduation, her parents had searched an eligible groom for her, who was head over heels for Anamika, since he had seen her picture.

Thus, the picture-perfect love life and the married life started for Anamika and her husband Rishi.

They got married and shifted to Pune, where Rishi was working in an IT company and Anamika started working in a government bank.

Two years passed, after their lovely married life.

One Monday, they were having breakfast, in their most romantic mood, their eyes were locked in each other’s eyes.

Suddenly Rishi realized the clock is clicking 9:20 a.m. and yet Anamika’s office’s cab has not arrived.

They tried contacting the cab driver, but his contact number was not reachable. Rishi decided to drop Anamika on his bike and then to attend his office.

Thus, the lovely Anamika in her pink saree, taken the back seat on the bike and they both started heading towards her office.

They crossed their colony and then the two main street red lights and reached to the highway. They were heading smoothly, suddenly a big loaded truck gave a horn from behind, Rishi lost his balance and the next moment, became the most horrible moment of their life.

The truck crushed the Rishi’s legs and Anamika’s head. Anamika got back in her senses after about 10 days and Rishi about 15 days. And, found themselves in the hospital. But, this incident had completely changed the course of their true life story.

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