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My Innocent Friend (True Story of Harsh Reality of Life) Part-II



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Prologue-: This story is the second and final part of My Innocent Friend Series. This narrates the “true story of  harsh reality of life”. Which Anamika went through as the roller coaster ride of life took a downturn.

In the hospital, Anamika got back to her senses and the first name which she uttered was of Rishi.

Who unfortunately had lost his left leg by then.  As soon as Rishi got back into the senses, Anamika’s bed was dragged to Rishi’s room, so that they could meet.

They met each other with their aching heart and body. Slowly days passed, they both got healed. Rishi got back to normal routine with the help of a Prosthetic leg. Although,  Anamika and Rishi had to visit the Doctors for regular checkups. Rishi’s medical care and treatment were taken care by a Mumbai’s Doctor. Thus, He had to visit Mumbai once every six months.

During one of those visits-:

While traveling via train, he was speaking to Anamika on call. One more accident happened, this time it took away Rishi’s life. Rishi slipped and came under the train. His body got recognized with difficulty, after the accident.

This tragic incident made Anamika numb for months.

When she got back into her senses, she realized that she has received a good amount from the Insurance Company, compensation from Rishi’s company and huge compensation amount from the Railways. She has also realized that family members, which mainly included her parents, her in-laws and siblings of her husband are fighting for the money received as compensation, everybody was claiming their right to it. She had faced saddest turning points but this was the harshest as she found herself surrounded by greed, not grief.

Slowly, she got to settle down in life and started staying with her parents.

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